Build an NDT Inspector

Q-pro Staffing has the capability to build an inspector from the ground up. Our relationship with local and national vocational and technical schools specializing in welding, coatings and Nondestructive testing gives us a vast talent pool in selecting potential NDT professionals. NDE Professionals, Inc. offers an extended internship opportunity for NDT graduates as well as employment placement. In other words, Q-pro has the ability to develop a NDT Level II in a very short period of time. Consult with our NDT Level III staff for details.

Do you have very specific or unique requirements for an inspector for your NDT position? Let Q-Pro Staffing train and certify an inspector to meet your specific needs, from the ground up.

Once the qualification and certification requirements are realized, our Q-Pro staff can easily manage:

  • Training

  • Internships (Experience)

  • Examinations

  • Certification

Unlike any other staffing agency, Q-pro Staffing and NDE Professionals, Inc. has:

  • access to a vast talent pool of entry level inspector candidates as a result of our relationship with local, national vocational and technical schools;

  • experienced NDT professionals that understand the various industry sector NDT qualification and certification requirements;

  • decades of experience working with standards such as ASME, API, AWS, NAVSEA, NADCAP;

  • a team dedicated to your needs and timelines.

Leveraging the abilities of NDE Professionals, Inc., Q-Pro Staffing is your #1 choice for getting the NDT Technician(s) you want, when you want with the qualifications industry demands.

Get started building your ideal NDT inspector today.

Contact our NDT Level III specialists at NDE Professionals, Inc. – 503-287-5255
or via email (